LIA: A Private Co-Ed Secondary Boarding School

DSC_9044-CopyLIA London Campus

First built as a university preparation school for students from China, London International Academy (LIA) has quickly grown into a fully-certified private secondary boarding school, authorized by the Ontario Ministry of Education to grant successful students the Ontario Secondary School Diploma for further academic study at the post-secondary level in North America.

LIA’s main campus, located in the heart of the city of London (Ontario), is a vibrant hub of activity and student innovation. Growing from just 20 students in 2002, LIA’s student body is in excess of 350 students as of December 2015, and is growing well. Offering small class sizes, ESL-qualified educators, and a variety of extracurricular and student-led initiatives, LIA is committed to maintaining a fostering environment for the academic maturation of its students.

London International Academy offers many advantages to students, both international and domestic: a full Canadian curriculum taught by certified and knowledgeable teaching staff, on- and off-campus housing support and student meal plans, a specialized student services department that offers individualized assistance with university applications, and much more. LIA looks to educate young, bright minds while providing opportunities for summer study exchanges between students from all cultures, all over the world.

London International Academy is committed to helping its students become well-educated, innovative, and responsible  young adults, to better prepare them for their futures in an increasingly stimulating and connected world.

A Message From The Principal

DSC_3736 - Copy - CopyPaul DebenhamThe Academy prides itself in providing students with a challenging and excellent high school educational program almost invariably leading to admission to one of the leading universities in Canada. The school also provides a well rounded education with much organized social, recreational and educational activity at the school and class level. As testimony to the quality of our students and our educational program students from the Academy have achieved and continue to achieve outstanding results in mathematics, computing and physics contest organized by the Canadian Mathematics Society and the University of Waterloo.

The London International Academy has a first rate academic program, a fully qualified and very well educated teaching staff, bright and comfortable classrooms, continuous student counseling and advising, and a very effective and enthusiastic student support staff. All of these factors contribute to student enjoyment, motivation and adaption to North American culture which obviously includes the rapid acquisition of English. This is confirmed and illustrated by the tremendous disproportionate success of international students enrolled in the school in obtaining university and college places.

London, Ontario is a healthy, safe and pleasant small city which facilitates student involvement in the local community. Students who enroll in the Academy will be embarking on a pleasant but rigorous and stimulating educational journey culminating in acceptance by an excellent university.

Yours Sincerely,
Paul Debenham,
LIA Principal