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LIA Student Wins Model Aircraft Junior Championship

When Stephen Guo moved to Canada and began his studies at London International Academy in September 2015, he knew there was piece of his life in China he did not want to leave behind; his love of model aircraft.

Back in his home of Xi An, Stephen is a member of the Shan Xi China International Model Aircraft Association. He’s been a member of the club and competing in national championships, with his coach Zhao YongDong for over four years, so after moving to Canada and settling into to his life at LIA, one of the first things Stephen did was turn to Google and find London’s model aircraft club.

As one of the youngest members in the club, and the only Chinese member, Stephen admits he was a little nervous to enter the Toronto & District Control Line Championships at Centennial Park in Toronto on June 4th and 5th. Despite some windy conditions,  he won the Junior Championship and took 3rd place in the MAAC Stunt.

Stephen is also a member of LIA’s STEM Club, and he says he notices many similarities between STEM and his hobby, “My work with model aircraft relates to STEM, because it is about the process, you discover how to build things, and learn about taking things apart and starting from scratch.”

When Stephen graduates from LIA he hopes to study Aviation Management in Toronto, or at the Ivey Business School here in London, Ontario. Both schools have model aircraft clubs as part of their engineering programs, so Stephen will be able to continue his hobby and passion, something he says he would like to do his whole life.

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