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Summer Programs

LIA Summer Camp

The LIA Summer Camp features a 2 week, 3 week and 4 week stays. Children experience a mix of academic and cultural programs designed to ensure that their summers are educational and fun. With plenty of visits to local sights as well as extended visits to national hotspots, the LIA Summer Camp is a summer experience they will never forget.

STEM Summer Camp

The LIA STEM Camp is a focused two week deep dive into STEM subjects. Featuring a holistic approach to learning that fluidly combines the varied disciplines into a single continuous activity the STEM Camp is designed to provide students with a new perspective on learning.

Summer Language Camp

LIA’s Summer Language Camp is an opportunity for students to visit Canada and learn English while being immersed in Canadian culture. A combination of literature classes and cultural programs which are designed to enhance a student’s understanding of the English language while providing an unforgettable summer experience.

For details regarding the summer camp program please download a brochure here.