The LIA administration team is led by our principal, who is responsible for the overall management and operation of the school. The team also includes our Executive Directors, who are responsible for specific areas of the school's operations, as well as our administration and admission teams, who manage the various aspects of the school. Together, these individuals make up the core of Our Education Team's administration, and they are committed to providing a high-quality education for all our students.

Holly Zou

Executive Director


Alex Neil

Director of IT Facilities

Dennis Jang

Director of HR & Office

Kyle Free

Vice Principal of Student Affairs

Tyler MacDouell

Head Guidance counselor


Brittney McAuslan

Brittney McAuslan

Academic Administrator

Daniela Restrepo

Marketing & Communication Coordinator
Mademoiselle Polo

Mademoiselle Polo

HR& Office Administrator
Shuwen (Rachel) Zhao

Rachel Zhao

Assistant Counselor

Jessie Chen

Assistant Counselor
Yenisley Fernandez Perez

Yenisley Fernandez

Assistant Manager Residence Advisor
Li (Bonnie) Cao

Bonnie Cao

Officer of Admission and Registration
Rong (Helen) Ma

Helen Ma

Finance manager

Regional Recruitment Managers


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