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The London International Academy Alumni Community is a great way to connect with graduates, build up your network, and make new friends. Our members are all students who have been associated with the London International Academy in some way, and we welcome anyone who wants to join us.

We offer a range of services and activities, including educational resources, career advice, and social events. If you're looking for an inclusive community that can help you succeed in your studies or career, then look no further than the London International Academy Alumni Community!

LIA Online Community

We have an active and available online community, allowing our past graduates to connect with one another and network for success. Make sure to maintain your contact information so we, and they, can get ahold of you.

Reunion Week

Don't lose touch with your friends from the Academy! Our reunion week is intended to reinvigorate old friendships, allow for business networking, and to grow our community of scholars and academic excellence.

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