America Fees 2024-2025

Country List:

Antigua and Barbuda / Argentina / Bahamas / Barbados / Belize / Bolivia / Brazil / Canada / Chile / Colombia / Costa Rica / Cuba / Dominica / Dominican Republic / Ecuador / El Salvador / Guatemala / Guyana / Haiti / Honduras / Jamaica / Mexico / Nicaragua / Panama / Paraguay / Peru / Puerto / Rico / Saint Kitts and Nevis / Saint Lucia / Saint Vincent and the Grenadines / Suriname / Trinidad and Tobago / United States / Uruguay / Venezuela


Europe Fees 2024-2025

Country List:

Slovakia / Czech Republic / Denmark / Norway / Sweden / Germany / Austria / Italy / Switzerland / France / Spain / Andorra / Portugal / Spain / Belgium / Netherlands / Monaco / Luxembourg / United Kingdom / Ireland.


Methods of Payment

We accept payment via FlyWire, bank transfer, credit card, cheque or money order. For more information, please review the information below.

For bank transfer, please use the following information:

Account Name: London International Academy

Bank Name: Royal Bank of Canada

Bank Address: 465 Richmond St., London, Ontario N6A 5P4, Canada

Institution Number: 0003    Branch Number: 02722

Account Number: 027221045814

SWIFT CODE: ROYCCAT2XXX           Routing Number: CC000302722


Note:5% processing fee will be applied to cards above

Payable to “London international Academy”

Recipient email: Please leave message including student’s name and invoice number.

Refund Policy

International Students
A full refund, less the application fee and Guardianship fee, will be granted if a study permit for international students is refused by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).
For a refund, applicants must provide the following:
• The Original Letter of Refusal
• The Original Letter of Acceptance
• The Original Receipt of paid tuition
No refund shall be issued if the student/parent(s)/and/or guardian(s) chooses to withdraw from studying at London International Academy for any reason after the school provides the receipt of the tuition fee and/or issues a Letter of Acceptance (LOA) unless a study permit is officially rejected by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). A wire transfer service charge will be applied against this type of refund.
Any other requests for refund other than the failure to obtain a Student Visa by the Canadian Embassy will not be considered.
2. Domestic Students
Due to managing class enrollment, no refund shall be issued once the student starts his/her courses even if the student has not completed the courses.

3. If a student is removed by London International Academy as a result of disciplinary action or the student withdraws or the student is absent from London International Academy for any reason, the parents or guardians or student are liable for payment of the full tuition and boarding fees with meal fees. The obligation to pay all fees is unconditional.
Annual School Registration, Health Insurance, Application Fee, Guardianship fee, Uniform, and other school fees are non-refundable. Deposits are refundable less any deductions upon the student’s graduation or leave from London International Academy