About Accomodations

London International Academy offers two types of accommodations for our international students,
LIA residence or homestay.


Living in Residence

On campus accommodations allow students to walk to and from the school while also enjoying nearby amenities that are nestled within the city centre. Living in residence offers students the chance to meet other international students from all over the world, participate in programming activities, and make lasting memories while having a safe and comfortable place to live.


  • Allows students to interact with students from different countries and cultures, which can broaden their perspectives and help them develop intercultural understanding and communication skills.
  • Create a sense of community among students, providing them with a support network of peers who are going through similar experiences.
  • Allows students to live close to their classes and school facilities, which can make it easier for them to focus on their studies and not have to worry about transportation.
  • Provides students with a safe and secure environment, where they can have peace of mind knowing that they have support and assistance available if they need it.

Student on bed
Dorm Room
Bed in dorm room
Bed & Desk in dorm
Bed in dorm
Student working on desk
Student working in dorm
Student working in dorm

Dining Services

London International Academy provides residence students with a variety of quality dining options. Students can choose from six restaurants of international cuisine. Students are provided with a meal card that gives access to any of these dining options.

Student Life