About Ontario Secondary School Diploma - High School Program

Students who successfully complete high school are awarded the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) from the Ontario Ministry of Education. Students who have taken secondary school courses in another country will be offered equivalent credits based on the successful completion of those courses.


The Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test (OSSLT)

• Created and assessed by the EQAO (Education Quality and Accountability Office)
• Evaluates language skills based on the Ontario Curriculum expectations at the Grade 9 level
• LIA offers Literacy Test preparation classes after school
• LIA holds a Mock Literacy test prior to the OSSLT to ensure students are prepared for testing

Community Service

• Students must complete 40* hours of community service
• May be completed at any time during their high school years
• Service may take place in businesses, nonprofits, public sector institutions, and informal settings
*based on year of entry: grade 9/10 – 40 hours, grade 11 – 30 hours, grade 12 – 20 hours


To support students’ progress in learning English, London International Academy has adopted the STEP program, developed for the Ontario Ministry of Education. The STEP program specifies learning criteria for students’ oral skills, and reading and writing abilities and enables teachers to provide specific descriptive feedback to students, enabling them to progress systematically through the ESL curriculum.