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Welcome to Student Affairs. The Student Affairs and Student Life department helps students to find their pathways to personal success. Whether looking for a place in residence, arranging for a homestay opportunity, applying for college and university programs, or looking to develop strategies for academic improvement, our dedicated staff are here to help along every step of the way.

Please take some time to familiarize yourself with some of the services LIA offers online. These include: the new LIA Portal (a new management application that will allow you to manage your LIA educational experience more effectively and keep you connected to the LIA cloud), school costs budgetizer (a handy tool to calculate tuition costs and help you keep track of your overall educational expenses), LIA Staff Directory allows you to connect through Skype and FaceTime, online application forms & more.

LIA also offers residential and homestay options with: caring and concerned student advisers that are available to assist students in the residence and homestay families that are carefully chosen from among a pool of experienced families with successful track records of student homecare.

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Student Services

What We Offer
Student Care System – Offering an umbrella of services tailored to meet the urban needs of a modern secondary student in Canada

Supervision and care in homestay and residential settings, but without any privacy restrictions. Staying true to the LIA spirit of offering a mature environment in preparedness for Canadian educational life

Permission forms for out-of-residence trips, to ensure our students make their guardians aware of their excursions

Daily check-in with residential staff. This ensures that our students are in contact with at least one caretaker on residence grounds


School Services

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Meal Plan Partners

Our Meal Plan Partner Restaurants offer a variety of food choices for our students, from Mediterranean and Middle Eastern to North American and traditional Chinese cuisine.


Featured Student Testimonials


LIA International Student hailing from Nigeria, Yahaya, has chosen LIA and Canada as the premier educational training ground for post-secondary schooling.


LIA International Student hailing from Kazakhstan, Andrey, wanted to find a school that would prepare him for post-secondary education in Canada.