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Student Affairs

The Student Affairs Department at London International Academy (LIA) offers a variety of services and life experiences that deal with all aspects of student life outside the classroom. These supplementary activities include residence living, special events, extracurricular activities, coordination with both the student and their family and guidance with the University Application Process.

Student Life at London International Academy
We Provide: Student Care System

Offering an umbrella of services to meet the needs of a modern secondary student in Canada.

24/7 supervision and care in homestay and residential settings.

We offer a mature environment in preparedness for Canadian educational life.

Guardians are made aware of student excursions and require forms for out-of-residence trips.

Daily check-in with residential staff, ensuring that our students are in contact with at least one caretaker on residence grounds.

Dear LIA Students,


We highly anticipate the time you will get to spend together with us at London International Academy. Your student residence, any medical or health concerns, daily meals, student activities, adjustment to life in Canada, and volunteer opportunities are just a few of the areas that we, the Student Affairs Department, help you with on a daily basis!

Student life is so much more than just a school, it’s your lifestyle that is defined by what you choose to be involved in. Here at LIA, you not only have the opportunity to achieve anything as you pursue your dreams, but you are able to do so in a caring and supportive environment. We look forward to helping you on this path to success and supporting you each step of the way. WORK hard, ASK questions, get INVOLVED, and we look forward to seeing you join our growing student alumni!